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We believe finding your dream home is just the beginning.  In order to facilitate a smooth buying process, a team of professionals including a Real Estate Agent, Mortgage, Inspection, and Title Company is essential to close on the home of your choice without added stress on you and your family.

Our years of experience in the Port St Lucie area provides our clients with the best knowledge in the various neighborhoods and communities.  Having first-hand knowledge of each neighborhood’s sales and pricing can assist you in the decision-making process.  Let’s get started!

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Home Buying Process

Real estate buyers should educate themselves on the procedures involved in purchasing a property.  This will allow them to avoid overpaying or accepting unfavorable terms when purchasing the biggest investment for your family.  Each real estate transaction consists of many steps, which requires dealing with different individuals and entities.  To reach a successful and stress-free transaction the buyers need to consistently make the right decisions.  If this seems too complicated, it will become a routine process when you have a partner in an experienced Realtor® guiding you step-by-step through the entire processes.  The following are the different stages in purchasing of property.

  • Locating the Right Home to Purchase
  • Placing the Right Offer
  • Negotiating with Offer/Counter Offer
  • Obtaining and Negotiating the Mortgage Rate and Terms
  • Inspection and Possible Renegotiation (Depending on Outcome the Inspection)
  • Appraisal and Possible Price Renegotiation  (Depending on Outcome the Appraisal)
  • Following Up With All Deadlines (Failure May Result in Default in Contract)
  • Examining the Preliminary Closing Disclosure (Previously known As HUD-1)
  • Walk Through, on the Day Before Closing
  • Closing Day
Steps to Buy A Home

With today’s historically low interest rate and our favorable prices for homes in the Port St Lucie area, buying a home has become more affordable but we still have many renters who could easily qualify to purchase a home, sometimes for less than what they pay for monthly rentals.  One of the many reasons for keeping this group from becoming a homeowner is the lack of savings required for the down payment and closing costs.  With the new FHA and Fannie Mae guidelines for lower down payments and available down payment and closing assistance programs in some areas, there is an affordable home for any family in Port St Lucie.  Another problem in preventing most eligible first time home buyers from purchasing their own home is the lack of knowledge on how the process works and where to start the home buying procedures.   The following steps streamline the process and designed to eliminate the fear of unknown for these buyers:

  • Get Prequalified for a Mortgage- This is the very first step for any buyer seeking to purchase a home. The process is very simple and would not take that much time to start finding your family home.  Any lender including the financial institutions consumers bank will be very happy to issue a Pre-Qualification Letter to their account holders.  They will check the credit of the potential buyers and analyze their income to debt ratio in order to determine the monthly payment the buyer could afford, which in turn will show the maximum price of a house they could purchase.
  • Searching for a Home- Buyers should not depend on online websites alone for their searches when looking to purchase a house.  Some websites do not have a direct access to the Multiple Listing Services, MLS, and their information is not up to date. Typically the or websites of Realtors® are your best bet to find the most current listings.
  • For Sale By Owner (FSBO) properties-  The myth in buying FSBO homes is that these homes are cheaper because the homeowner is not paying fees to Realtors®.  We mentioned a myth because most times that’s what exactly it is, a myth.  Buying through For Sale By Owner has many downfalls, including a professional representation for the buyers, lack of negotiating knowledge or dealing with inspection and appraisal outcomes as well as the risk of overpaying for a property.
  • Realtors®- In the State of Florida the Realtors® work as transaction brokers and since they are compensated by the sellers, there is no cost for their services as far as the buyers are concerned.  The Realtors® are educated and experienced in searching and finding the right homes within the buyers’ budget as well as writing the Purchase and Sales Contract.  Most experienced Realtors® are skilled negotiators to reach the best price and terms possible.  Their expertise does not end at the acceptance of an offer and will continue through inspection and appraisal.  Many times the result of the inspection is not favorable for buyers and it is the Realtors® duty to remedy the situation by negotiating a price reduction or canceling the contract while preserving the buyers deposit.  Buyers should conduct their due diligence in finding the right agent with ample experience and education to be their guide in their quest for purchasing the right home for the right price.  There are many other reasons for the services of an experienced Realtor’s® services, which would not be available for Buyers purchasing For Sale by Owner properties.
  • Finding the Right Home- while your Realtor® will try to find the best possible homes that match your requirements, but it’s ultimately is up to the home buyers to decide what type of homes and price range that will suit their current and future needs the best.
  • Pricing of a Home- Your Realtors® are equipped with a comprehensive knowledge and experienced in evaluating the price of each home you show interest in.  But, when it comes to purchasing the right home, it is your responsibility to analyze your financials as well as the features of the house you are going to purchase.  For example, for a newlywed couple who plan to have a large family in the future a 2 bedroom home may be perfect at this time but then they will need to look for a larger home with more bedrooms and baths in near future.
  • Offers and Contracts-  The main difference between the terms “Contracts” and “Offers” is the fact that a contract is an accepted offer or in other words, as long as all parties have not signed the offer it cannot be called a contract even though the paperwork is exactly the same.  In our business, it is very seldom that a buyer would purchase the first house they put an offer on.  In the current seller’s market, the home buyers should come ready to place many offers and counter-offers on different properties to finally close on their new home.
  • Property Inspection-  Normally there is a section in the Florida Purchase and Sale Contracts devoted to Inspection.  This allows for buyers to have a certain number of days to conduct an inspection through a professional Real Estate Inspection Company.  The default number of the days in the contract is 15 days but could be any number of days as long as all parties agreed.  If some major issues surfaced in the inspection report there are many different ways to remedy them.  In some instances, the seller would lower the price or credit the buyer at closing to compensate for the repairs.  However, as long as the inspection period has not expired, neither parties are obligated to take any actions and can simply walk away from the contract with a written request.
  • Property Appraisal-  In many instances, especially in the seller’s market, the appraisal report may indicate a lower price than the amount in the contract.  Like the inspection issues, the price deficiencies could be negotiated between the parties or the buyer could cancel the contract if the seller would not agree to lower the price.  The inspection and appraisal issues are another example of the importance of an experienced Realtor® when it comes to negotiating the contract  from start to close.
  • Homeowners Insurance- Since most homes are bought through a financial institution granting a mortgage loan to the buyers, the insurance is  to protect their investment and it is mandatory to have insurance.  What most buyers don’t know is that they have the right to choose their own insurance company as long as the property is protected.  At times, this could mean substantial savings for the homeowners.  The lenders or title companies work with 1 or 2 insurance companies for all their closings.  This eliminates the opportunity to shop around for a more favorable rate and terms.  In Florida, there are many insurance companies underwriting homeowner insurance policies with each having their own guidelines.  There are many distinct differences in these guidelines when it comes to pricing.  For example company A charges high premiums for homes over 20 years old, while company B does not.  Now, if you are buying an over 20 years old home and title company only deals with company A, you will pay more premium for the exact same coverage.  We have seen premium differences for the same coverage upward of $1000 in some instances.  The solution is simple, get involved, make some phone calls especially to insurance agencies representing more than one insurance company and let them compare prices for you.  Also, educate yourself and ask questions.  The cheap coverage may mean less coverage.  Know the differences between the Actual Cash Value, ACV, and Replacement Value as well as your hurricane deductibles.  This will prove important when a claim for damage is presented to the insurer.  In policies with the Replacement Value, the full amount of the loss will be paid while in Actual Cash Value a depreciation will apply and deducted from the original purchase price.
  • Title Companies- Buyers are not obligated to use the title company their agents, lender or seller recommends.  If you don’t personally know a good title company ask around and also call a few title companies and compare their quotes. All title companies in Florida are regulated by the Department of Financial Services, which is the best place to call and inquire about title companies and complaints against them.
  • Closing- Be prepared before the closing day arrives by making an action plan and check mark them as they’re completed.  The following is and examples of the tasks for your list:
    1. Make sure you have conducted a thorough walk-through a day before or on the day of closing.  We have witnessed contracts falling through because the buyers discovering damages to the property which were not present previously or more common switching appliances with older models.  In one instance the seller removed the fairly new and high-end refrigerator with a rusty old one that he kept in the garage for extra refrigeration space.
    2. With the changes that became effective in October of 2014, the lenders have to send the Preliminary Closing Disclosure, previously Called HUD-1, three days in the advance of the closing.  Buyers should examine the Closing Disclosure carefully including the calculations and direct their questions to their real estate agent and title company.
    3. The total amount necessary for closing is indicated in the Closing Disclosure forms and should be available and ready to be wired or disbursed as bank checks to the title company’s account. Contact your bank in advance and notify them of the withdrawal amount.  This is important because due to the money laundering laws, all banks have to notify the authorities when any transfer of funds over $10,000 is taking place and it may require some time to obtain the approval.  This will save you time and stress on the day of closing.
    4. Expect a large package of documents from title company for your closing, especially if a mortgage is involved. Your closing package will include the mortgage documents as well as other title work related documents such as the required form for transferring the title and recording the deed.  Most important parts in your mortgage documents are:
      • Interest rate- Unlike before effective October 3rd, 2015, the lenders cannot change the interest rate on closing day and any changes will need new Preliminary Closing Disclosure and 3 days postponement of closing.  This new law , RESPA/TILA, is for any changes in the terms of the loan including interest rate or APR changes of more than 1/8 of a 1%.  Consumers should make themselves familiar with the new guidelines.  There are many websites offering a detailed explanation of RESPA/TILA such as the website for Ellie Mae.
      • Prepayment Penalty- Make sure it is same as the terms your mortgage banker has discussed and do not sign if you have not initially agreed to this term.
      • Interest Rate, APR- as mentioned above, any changes over 1/8 of a 1% should have been indicated in the preliminary Closing Disclosure if not the lender needs to draft another one and the 3 days wait period will be triggered.
      • Fix Interest Rate- If you have chosen the fixed rate for your mortgage, make sure the terms is the same in the mortgage documents including the number of years the loan is amortized.

Important Notice:

There have been recent incidents that the real estate agents’ email address has been hacked for the purpose of accessing their buyers’ information.  The perpetrators have used the information in the emails to find out about the closing procedure and especially the wire transfer instructions.  They use the information to create a wire transfer form very similar to the title company’s form, which buyers have already received.  The only difference between the original and bogus form is the routing and account numbers, which are  changed to an account belonging to the hackers outside the US.

Some title companies currently have stopped the practice of emailing their account information but the buyers also need to be vigilant about this matter by calling their Realtor® and title company to verbally verify any changes in wiring instructions before transferring any funds.

Foreclosure and Short Sale Properties

The terms like REO, Short Sale, and Bank Owned Properties influenced the real estate market during the last decades real estate market crash.  The rumors of buying foreclosure or short sale properties at substantially lower price than the fair market valued spread like wildfire and brought a new type of buyer to the market.  They were joined by the flippers group who bought and sold contracts for profit during the real estate boom with no intention of holding or occupying them.  In today’s market the rush has kind of subsided but there are still some deals to be made.

REO or Foreclosure Properties

The real estate market bust of the late 2007 and early 2008 resulted in defaults in mortgages of millions of homes in a short period of time.  The financial institutions and courts became overwhelmed and struggled to deal with the numbers of delinquencies in mortgages.  The chaos created an unprecedented number of foreclosed homes with banks and found themselves stranded in a pool of nonperforming notes.  These events, in turn, created a new opportunity for Real Estate Investment Trusts (Reits), individual investors, first time home buyers as well as the flippers who were looking for a  new method of flipping properties for profit.

However, the chaos eventually became a more organized system with the banks and government agencies, such as Fannie Mae, catching up with paperwork by hiring more staff and creating new departments and procedures.  To profit from foreclosure properties in the current market has become more technical and requires a comprehensive knowledge of the local real estate market.  There is nothing as automatic good deals and to ensure profitability there are many steps for foreclosure home buyers to take.  The following is a general guide for foreclosure home buying:

  • Real Estate Market– Know the real estate market in the area that the foreclosed home is located.  The perfect example is our Port St Lucie real estate market, which historically offers lower pricing in all real estate properties.  A home in Port St Lucie  market is totally different in price from a home located few miles away in Stuart or Jensen Beach let alone from the markets like Palm Beach or Broward Counties.  A buyer from Fort Lauderdale may come to the conclusion that a 4 bedrooms 2 bath house with around 2,000 square feet of living area, which is priced at $200,000 is an unbelievable deal while that price is a going rate in our area.
  • Experienced Realtors®– Many buyers and sellers in today’s market resort to the internet and websites such as Zillow or Trulia for their home searches.  The problem with this is the unreliable data including the estimated value of the properties in these types of websites.  Their systems are often outdated and the algorithm to calculate the property values simply does not work most of the time.  The solution is very simple, hiring a Realtor® with local market experience is always a phone call away and considering the free buyer’s services offered by these real estate professionals not using them does not make good financial sense.
  • Rehab and Repairs-  Depending on each foreclosure home, the amount of the repairs and rehab varies based on the extent of the damage and missing items such as the appliances and A/C units.  If you are not familiar with the costs of renovation you could either seek help from a licensed contractor or purchase a software specializing in localized costs of renovation.  We have witnessed the failure of many buyers to cost-effectively bring up a property to an acceptable selling point.  The following are examples of the common mistakes by these buyers:
    • Over Improvement-  Many times there is no return on the investment, which homeowners spent on the improvement.  If the average sale price for a 1,500 square feet single family home in the area is $150,000 it would be a mistake to put a house similar in size in that market for $190,000 just because it offers new electrical or plumbing.  These items are not visible to the buyers as much as an upgraded kitchen or baths would.
    • Contractors– Most people have heard of horror stories about contractors shady work or taking the money and not finishing the job.  To hire a good contractor one must perform a serious due diligence by doing background, criminal and financial check as well as seeking the assistance of consumer protection groups and Better Business Bureau, BBB, in the area. There are also trade organizations helping the consumer by monitoring their members, such as National Association of Remodelling Industry, NARI.
    • Permits- Each municipality may have different guidelines for the permit process and it is the homeowner responsibility to obtain the proper permits.  The cost of permits is minimal compared to the consequences of getting caught for any work done without permits.  One of the advantages of the permit is the inspection conducted by a professional from the permit department.  Homeowners should be alarmed if their contractor is urging them to do a job without the appropriate permits. Additionally, when a homeowner goes to sell their property this may become an issue if proper permits were not issued to complete the job.
New Homes

Buying new homes or pre-construction homes in Port St Lucie offer many advantages over purchasing an older resale home.  This is especially true for homes built over 10 years ago.  The availability of large parcels of land at reasonable prices in the Port St Lucie area along with the  popularity of the city known for being highly ranked for the quality of life and low living expenses has brought many nationally renowned builders to the area.  Currently, with many construction projects under way, there is a new construction home or pre-construction home for any budget and discriminating taste in our beautiful City of Port St Lucie.

Advantages of Buying New or Pre-Construction Homes 

Most home buyers prefer buying new or pre-construction over the existing resale homes.  There are many reasons for this but is buying new homes really that advantageous over resale homes? The following is intended to explore the benefits of buying new construction homes.

Pros of Buying New Construction Homes

  • Maintenance- Most new construction homes include a 10 year builder warranty, limited appliances warranty offering a maintenance free home for many years to come
  • Construction- With ever evolving science of construction technology, the new construction homes offer the latest in energy efficiency and safety.
  • Technology- Today’s new homes are constructed with a wide selection of innovative technologies such as the internet and cable wiring, alarm system, speaker system, saving time and money necessary for the installation of these technologies.
  • No Extra Work Needed- While most resale homes may need some kind of work such as plumbing, interior/exterior painting, kitchen or bathrooms remodeling, the new homes or pre-construction homes are ready to go and do not need any additional work by home buyers
  • Your Home, Your Taste- One of the advantages of buying new homes or pre-construction homes is the opportunity to choose the amenities, design, and layout of the home as well as the details such as paint color and type of appliances.
  • Design- The design or new homes are most current and offer the latest layout plans matching today’s lifestyle such as open kitchen and living area with plenty of natural light, his and hers walkin closets and large bathrooms.
  • Cost Effective- Although the new homes and pre-construction purchasing means paying more for a home but in most instances, it could be actually more financially feasible owning a brand new home than buying a home which may need repairs, new roof, new A/C and remodeling.

Some of the current new home construction projects in the Port St Lucie area include:

  • Vitalia at Tradition- Built on 452 acres, the gated community of Vitalia at Tradition is an age-restricted active adult development located in the master-planned community of Tradition in western Port St Lucie.
  • TownPark at Tradition– Another gated community designed in response to the demand for new home construction in the popular community of Tradition in Port St Lucie.  The prestigious home construction company of  Minto Homes is the developer behind the construction of the TownPark at Tradition as well as the adjoining community of LakePark at Tradition.
  • LakePark at Tradition– As the sister development to the TownPark at Tradition, both by Minto Homes, the community of the Lakepark is inclusive to active adult 55+ home buyers interested in purchasing maintenance-free new homes in Tradition, Florida.
  • Victoria Parc at Tradition– Developing by two or the area better know home construction companies, D.R. Horton and GHO Homes, the Victoria Parc at Tradition.  The amenities in the Victoria Parc are limited to what the new-home buyers will initially include in their home design. This has resulted in attracting home buyers who do not wish to pay high Homeowners Association fees for the general amenities in a community they probably will not use.
  • Westcliffe Estates at Tradition– As one of the most innovative and Eco-friendly developments in the country, the Westcliffe Estates offers energy efficient Zero Energy homes.  The design of homes in Westcliffe Estates offers the latest in technology combined with the ultimate energy efficiency resulting in the introduction of a new wave of home buyers to tradition, Florida.  These home buyers are either younger tech savvy or older generation who likes the idea of safety as well as not paying for the electricity.
  • PGA Village Verano– An absolute masterpiece in design and construction of the golf communities, the PGA Village Verano is the jewel of gated golf developments in the area.  Kolter Homes is the renowned developer of the PGA Village Verano in Tradition, Florida offering 3 world class golf courses.


55+ Communities

Vitalia Clubhouse Port St LuciePurchasing of homes in age restricted, 55+ communities is not a new idea but it has become more popular since the baby boomers reached the retirement age in 2011.  With a quarter million retiring each and every month, the developers correctly anticipated a significant jump in the demand for 55+ adult communities and acted accordingly by rushing to design and construct developments geared toward meeting the requirements of the largest group of retirees in the history of the nation.

Port St Lucie 55+ Communities

The development of the St Lucie West master planned community in the western section of  Vitalia at TraditionPort St Lucie, near Turnpike and I-95, brought another dimension to the city’s real estate landscape by attracting many established residential and commercial construction companies to take advantage of the low land prices and  develop many gated communities along with the support of local businesses.  The abundance of the land also allowed for smaller developers as well as home buyers to buy one lot at a time to construct homes in different sections of the St Lucie West and Tradition Communities.  The resort-lifestyle of these gated communities soon attracted many retirees from the surrounding area as well as the northern states to enjoy the wonderful amenities in Port St Lucie for much lower cost than the neighboring counties.  With the influx of the retirees and later on the baby boomers, the need for 55+ communities in St Lucie West became inevitable.   This resulted in the development of many 55+ gated communities featuring an incredible array of amenities and unbeatable prices.  Now, the baby boomer can live in a safe environment in Port St Lucie in affordable homes and live like they’re on vacation all year long.

Following is the brief detail of some of these communities, for more information please click on each development or contact one of our area experts at:


Phone: (772) 323-6730

Active Adults 55+ Homes in Port St Lucie

Vitalia at Tradition

Vitalia at Tradition Vitalia at Tradition, previously known as Season at Tradition, is developed by AV Homes as 452 acres gated 55+ community in the newly developed town of Tradition in the western Port St Lucie.  The homes in Vitalia at Tradition range in sizes from near 1,600 square feet to 2,600 square feet and offering 2 bedrooms 2  baths, to 4 bedrooms and 3 baths.  The models are divided into 3 distinct floor plans of Garden, Classic, and Estate Collections.  Vitalia at Tradition offers an incredible selection of amenities and Captiva Clubhouse has received the NAHB Best of 50+ Housing Award.  Contact us for the availability of the completed and pre-construction homes in Vitalia at Tradition.

LakePark at Tradition

Lakepark at Tradition Port St Lucie FLorida Preconstruction HomesTraditionAs one of the newest communities, the construction of the lakePark at Tradition started in 2015 by one of the most recognisable developers in the area, Minto Homes, who is also responsible for the construction of the adjacent non-age restricted gated community of the TownPark at Tradition.  This has provided the residents of the LakePark at Tradition the opportunity to enjoy the amenities offered by the TownPark at Tradition designed to be more suitable for their younger guests.  The homes in the LakePark at Tradition are comprised of 2 and 3 bedrooms villas and single family homes available as move-in-ready new construction homes or pre-construction homes.

Cascades at St Lucie West

Cascades St Lucie WestThe construction of the Cascades at St Lucie West started in 2000 by the Levitt and Sons, the pioneering construction company who was responsible for promoting the suburban lifestyle in the US.  The beautiful Mediterranean-inspired design of the homes in the Cascades at St Lucie West along with an impressive clubhouse and amenities such as a resort-style swimming pool and 9 hole golf course, has made the homes this community a popular choice by home buyers looking for well-constructed homes with top rated amenities.  The homes in the Cascades at St Lucie West are divided to 3 different floorplans of the Crystal, Jewel, and Vintage Collections, offering single family homes from 2 bedrooms 2 baths, 1,257  square feet design to a larger 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2,470 square feet layouts.

Kings Isle

Kings Isle Clubhouse St Lucie WestThe Kings Isle is another premier active adult 55+ community in St Lucie West area, offering some of the most affordable homes in Port St Lucie.  The construction of Kings Isle started by the prestigious home builders, Lennar Homes, in 1993 and completed in 1999.  There are 7 village style sub-communities in Lake Charles offering single family homes and villas in different size and floor plans.  The Courtyard Homes are comprised of 2 bedrooms, 2 baths villas, which vary in sizes from 1,037 to 1,275 square feet, while the Manor Homes offering single family 2 to 3 bedrooms, 3 baths homes in 1,260 to 2,100 square feet with 2-3 car garages.  Kings isle is known in the area for the unique selection of the amenities normally found in the luxury communities as well as the amazing clubhouse, the Royal Club.

Golf Resort Living

While Florida is recognized as the golf capital of the US, the incredible Treasure Coast golf courses such as PGA Village Verano, PGA Country Club Estates, Tesoro Club, and the Ballantrae Golf and Yacht Club have made the Port St Lucie area a hidden treasure for golfing.  There are over 85 golf courses in the Port St Lucie and the Treasure Coast area, which golfers can enjoy the wonderful lifestyle of living in golf communities with unbelievable prices for a golf course home.  The luxurious amenities, wonderful golf courses, in close proximity to the Treasure Coast beaches together in a city with an active lifestyle have been a winning formula for golf enthusiasts who wish to purchase affordable golf course homes in the Port St Lucie area.  For more information on availability of homes for sale in golf communities listed below, please contact one of our local area real estate experts at:


Phone: (772) 323-6730

Port St Lucie Golf Communities

PGA Golf Village Verano

Developed by Kolter Homes, PGA Village Verano boasts 3 great golf courses, 35 Acres PGA Center for Golf Learning and Performance, Club Talavera has an incredible selection of amenities alongside the spacious single family homes, making this community one of the most sought after golf resorts in the Port St Lucie area.

PGA Village Verano Golf Courses

1916 Perfect Dr. Port St Lucie, FL  34986

  • Ryder Golf Course

Ryder Golf Course in PGA Village is designed by Thomas Fazio, ASGCA, 18 Holes Regulation Length Private Golf Course with a Par of 72 and 7,065 Yards.  Ryder Golf Course is located in the wonderful Tradition area, 4 Mile from the Center of Port St Lucie.

  • Wannamaker Golf Course

Wannamaker Golf Course in PGA Village is designed by Thomas Fazio, ASGCA, 18 Holes Regulation Length Private Golf Course  7,102 Yards of Golf from the Longest Tees for a Par of 72.  Wannamaker Golf Course is located in the wonderful neighborhood of Tradition, 5 Mile from the Center of Port St Lucie.

  • Dye Golf Course

Dye Course in PGA Village is designed by Pete Dye, ASGCA, 18 Holes Regulation Length Private Golf Course with a Par of 72 and 7,200 Yards.  Dye Golf Course is located in Tradition, 5 Mile from the Center of Port St Lucie.

Homes in PGA Golf Village Verano

Tradition Golf Homes

PGA Village

Currently, the homes in PGA Village Verano are offered as pre-construction homes, available move-in-ready new construction homes as well as resale homes.  The homes range in size from 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, 2 car garage in 1,400 square feet to 4 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths, 2 car garage in over 3,200 square feet.

Castle Pines

Castle Pines golf villas are a part of the master planned community of the PGA Village in Tradition, Florida in the southern most section of the Port St Lucie and adjacent to St Lucie West.  Castle Pines offers a great selection of amenities including a zero-entry swimming pool  playground, 6 Har-Tru tennis courts, and a modern fitness center.  Additionally, the resident of Castle Pines could take advantage of the grand amenities and golf courses in the PGA Village.

Homes in Castle Pines

Castle Pines

Castle Pines

Castle Pines homes are comprised of townhomes, villas, and condominiums, designed to be utilized as residents or rental units.  The bylaws of the 3 homeowner associations in Castle Pines allow residents to rent their unit on a short term basis.  This offers a great investment opportunity when buying homes in the Castle Pines.  The famous golf courses of the PGA Village attracts many golfers to the area and for the past decade or so staying in the golf villas of Castle Pines and walk to the PGA Village golf courses has become a tradition for these golf enthusiasts.

Ballantrae Golf and Yacht Club                        

Ballantrae Golf & Yacht Club in Sandpiper Bay section of Port St Lucie is a brilliantly designed community situated on the shores of the magnificent St Lucie River, offering golf and waterfront homes.  The North Fork of the St Lucie River offers easy ocean access to residents and members of Ballantrae Yach Club.  The boaters could enjoy boating or fishing in the Atlantic Ocean within a short travel duration through the access to Lake Okeechobee to reach the Gulf of Mexico.

Waterfront Homes for Sale


Homes in Ballantrae Golf and Yacht Club

The 430 homes in Ballantrae Golf & Yacht Club offer a variety of Condo/Villa, 2 story building with one villa on each floor, and single family estate homes.  The villas in Ballantrae, sometimes listed as townhomes,  are spacious  with 1,696 to 1,896 sqft homes with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths plus a den.  The homes in Ballantrae, on the other hand, are designed from 1,662 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths single family homes to magnificent waterfront estate homes of over 4,800 square feet and 7 bedrooms, 6 baths with a covered swimming pool and spa.

The homes are spread throughout the 402 acres Ballantrae community with ocean access, waterfront homes around the St Lucie River and Santa Lucia River Club while the golf front homes are alongside the Legacy Golf Course.  The Legacy Golf and Tennis Club facility’s in Ballantrae main attraction is the 18 hole, 7,022 yards with a par of 72 Legacy Golf Course (Private), which was designed by George Fazzio in 1984.

St James Golf and Country Club

Golf Homes for Sale

St James Golf and Country Club

St James Golf & Country Club is located in the northwest section of the beautiful city of Port St Lucie, adjacent to St Lucie West and near the Town of Tradition, both boasting many incredible golf courses.  The 18 hole golf course was designed in 2000 by Warren Henderson and along with Champion Turf Club are the main hub for all the amenities in St James Golf Club.

The St James golf course is an 18 hole regulation length course with 6,838 yards of golf for a par 72, slope rating of 124, and the course rating of 69.7 for this Bermuda grass course.  The golf course in St James Golf Club was renovated recently by the Texas-based, Champion Turf Farm, with the finest grass developed to offer an excellent putting surface. For more information about Champion Turf Club, Tee Time and playing your next round of golf in St James Golf Club please visit Champion Turf Club Website.

Homes in St James Golf Club

The construction of single family homes in St. James started in 2003 by 3 different companies, Centex Homes, Watermark Communities International and Princeton Homes.   The homes in St James Golf Club are comprised of single family homes in over 20 different models and floor plans.  The high number of models is the result of having 3 construction companies involved in the development of St James community.  Many of the homes in St James are either the golf course front homes or lakefront homes.

Country Club Estates

Home to PGA Country Club and managed by Professional Golfers Association, PGA, the Country Club Estates is the home to  the Nicholas Golf Club offering a 25 Tees driving range and 18 regulation holes golf course featuring 7,025 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 72.  The gated community of the Country Club Estates is located in the desirable master planned community of St Lucie West, near I-95 and Turnpike ad walking distance to major shopping and medical facilities.   Alongside the PGA-maintained golf course, Country Club Estates offers a wide variety of the amenities including a resort-style swimming pool, tennis courts, and a modern fitness center.

Homes in Country Club Estates

The homes in the Country Club Estates are divided into 3 different communities of Presidential Cove, Fairway Isles, and Country Club Estates.  Each community has their own homeowners associations, rules and regulations and other covenants.

  • Country Club Estate

Country Club Estate homes were constructed by various builders during the 1990’s comprised of a variety of floor plans ranging in size from 1 or 2 story single family homes in 1,400 square feet to 4,400 square feet of living area (under air).  Many homes in the gated and 24 hours a day manned community of Country Club Estates enjoy either the wonderful view of the well-maintained PGA golf course or the shimmering blue lakes.

  • Presidential Cove

Comprised of 62 CBS single family homes built in 1990-1993 with a fairly low HOA fees which include cable and golf club membership is available but not mandatory.  Homes in Presidential Cove are 2 and 3 bedrooms, 2 baths with 2- car garage with living area of between 1,400 and 2,800 square feet.

  • Fairway Isles

Fairway Isles at St Lucie West is a quaint community of 65 homes, which was constructed by Lenar Homes between 1991 and 1996.  The community is adjacent to PGA  Country Club golf course, the golf club membership is available but not required.  Homes in Fairway Isles consist of 1 and 2 story single family homes with 1 or 2 car garage, 2 to 3 bedrooms, 2 to 2 1/2 baths constructed in living area sizes from 1,260 to near 2,000 square feet.

The Tesoro Club

Golf Homes in Port St Lucie

The Tesoro Club

The Tesoro Club is located in Port St Lucie in very close proximity of Stuart and Palm City.  The community boasts luxury Mediterranean architecture inspired estate homes alongside the two magnificent golf courses designed by two of the golf’s most recognized names; Arnold Palmer and Tom Watson.

  • Palmer Course

Arnold Palmer golf course in Tesoro Club is private 72 par, 7,210 yards golf course and official host of the PGA Tour, featuring 18 hole regulation length course.

  • Watson Course

The Tom Watson course in Tesoro Club is not as difficult for birdies as the Palmer course but designed to allow the players make the course as challenging as they wish.  The Watson golf course is also the host to PGA Tour, offering 7,000 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 72.

Homes in Tesoro Club

The homes in Tesoro Club of Port St Lucie are comprised of custom built estates built in a Mediterranean style by some of the well-established home construction companies in the area.  The crash of the real estate market during the past decade has had an enormous effect on the prices of some of the most incredible estate homes in the Tesoro Club and the Treasure Coast.   Some of the homes which were previously listed in excess of a million dollars are selling for less than half of that.  The price reduction is also true for the build-able lots.  While some home buyers prefer to build a new pre-construction home, many others prefer taking advantage of the current discounted prices and purchasing an existing home in Tesoro Club.  For the later group, they can chose 2 bedrooms, 2 bath cottages and single family home with 2,000 square feet living area to near 6,000 square feet opulent estate homes.

The unparalleled  lavish lifestyle in Tesoro Club requires a higher homeowners association fees as well as initiation fees charged by this community.  Some home builders have waived the initiation fees for their customers but this has been done on the case by case basis.  For more information regarding the homes for sale in Tesoro Club as well as the applicable fees including the golf club membership please contact us at:


Phone: (772) 323-6730

Savanna Club

Golf Homes Port St Lucie

Savanna Club

The age restricted, 55+, Savanna Club is one of the oldest golf communities in the Port St Lucie area, located right off Federal Highway, US-1, in the heart of the city.  The 18 hole Savanna Course in Savanna Club was designed by Charles Ankrom in 1988 and it is open to the public, featuring 3,792 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 61.

Homes in Savanna Club

The homes in Savanna Club are manufactured-homes varying in sizes from 830 to 1,600 square feet.  Some of these mobile homes own the lots they are placed in, while the others are on leased lots and pay extra monthly fees for their lots.

Waterfront Properties

The waterfront homes in Port St Lucie are mainly located on the St Lucie River, canals of different width and depth, or by the man-,made lakes, which were mainly created by developers in gated communities.  The prices of these waterfront homes vary depending on the structure of the house as well as the nature of the waterfront offering ocean access, no fixed bridges and so on.  Some of the communities like Ballantrae offer homes with their own boat docks and yacht club, while others are limited to community boat ramps.

For oceanfront homes, a short drive to Hutchinson Island will offer a wide selection of condominiums, townhomes, and single-family homes near the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.  There are also many waterfront homes available for sale in the Port St Lucie area which are not part of any communities.  These homes are scattered all over Port St Lucie and are not included in this report.  For more information about the availability of waterfront homes in Port St Lucie please contact one of our experts at:


Phone: (772) 323-6730

Ballantrae Yacht and Country Club

Waterfront Homes for Sale


Ballantrae Yacht and Country Club is located on the North Fork section of the St Lucie River, which offers direct access to the South Fork section of the river.  South Fork of the St Lucie River is an artery connecting the Port St Lucie area to the Gulf of Mexico through Lake Okeechobee.  The North Fork also accesses the Atlantic Ocean through the Indian River Intracoastal Waterways and St Lucie inlet.  The Santa Lucia River Club and the Jack Nicklaus signature golf course along with tennis courts, an impressive clubhouse, and yacht club are part of the extravagant amenities which make the resort lifestyle possible in Ballantrae Yacht and Country Club.

Homes in Ballantrae

Homes in Ballantrae Golf and Yacht Club are offered in a large selection of the sizes and locations ranging from golf course front homes to riverfront homes, offering direct ocean access waterfront homes many with private boat docks and boat lifts.

Vikings Landing

Port St Lucie Waterfront Homes

Vikings Landing

Vikings Landing is located on the shores of North Fork section of the majestic St Lucie River in Port St Lucie, FL.  The prestigious community of Vikings Landing offers access to the Atlantic Ocean without fix bridges through North Fork and to the Lake Okeechobee and the Gulf of Mexico through South Fork of the St Lucie River.  Vikings Landing is a true boaters’ paradise offering community boat ramp and storage as well as a parking area for RVs.

Homes in Vikings Landing

Homes in the gated community of Vikings Landing in Port St Lucie are comprised of single family homes in different floor plans and sizes.  Many of the homes in Vikings Landing are waterfront and equipped with deep water boat dockage and lift.  The non-waterfront homes could also enjoy the boating activities through community boat ramp.

Vikings Lookout

Buying Waterfront Homes

Vikings Lookout

The wonderful gated community of Vikings Lookout offers a unique opportunity to purchase a waterfront home with deep water dockage and boat lifts.  Vikings Lookout is perfectly situated on the banks of the St Lucie River with direct ocean access and no fixed bridges.  The homes in the Viking Lookout community are comprised of finely appointed single family homes and estates, while the adjacent community of Norseman’s Harbour offers more budget friendly townhomes and villas.  Due to the limited number of the homes within the community, the of homes for sale in Vikings Lookout is a rare occurrence,  The boating activities for the non-waterfront homes in the Vikings Lookout is provided through a wonderful community boat ramp.

Homes in Vikings Lookout

Homes in Vikings Lookout are comprised of waterfront single family homes and estates as well as the non-waterfront homes, townhomes, and villas.  Single family homes are uniquely zoned for construction of two homes on each one-acre lot.  This has resulted in many homes for sale in Vikings Lookout to offer the main home plus a guest house or in-law quarters.  The single family homes in Vikings Lookout offer floor plans from 3 bedrooms, 2 baths with near 2,000 square feet of living area to estate homes of 5 bedrooms, 6 1/2 baths offering over 7.200 square feet of luxury living.

Norseman’s Harbour

Norseman's Harbour Homes

Norseman’s Harbor

Norseman’s Harbour is a section of the prestigious community of Vikings Lookout constructed of only 12 homes, which are divided to townhomes and villas.  Some of the homes for sale in Norseman’s Harbour offer boat lifts of different sizes alongside their own deeded docks.  Norseman’s Harbour homes also have access to the community boat ramp on the St Lucie River a path to the Atlantic Ocean, Okeechobee Lake and the Gulf of Mexico.

Homes in Norsemen’s Harbour

The townhomes are constructed with 2 to 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths in sizes from    1,200 to 1,600 square feet under air, while the villas are 2 bedrooms. 2 baths with 1,332 square feet living area.

Bay St Lucie

Water Front Homes

Bay St Lucie

The Bay St Lucie is located in the southern section of Port St Lucie, bordering the city of Stuart.  As a small community of 39 homes, the Bay St Lucie is nestled on or near the banks of the St Lucie River.offering access to the Atlantic Ocean, Lake Okeechobee and the Gulf of Mexico with no fixed bridges,  The incredible location of this exquisite gated community along with upgraded single family homes and estates have made the homes in the Bay St Lucie some of the most sought after real estates in Port St Lucie and Stuart area.

Homes in Bay St Lucie

The homes for sale in Bay St Lucie offer a variety of sizes ranging from 3 bedrooms to 7 bedrooms constructed in over 2,000 square feet to over 7,000 square feet.  Some of the homes in Bay St Lucie are riverfront homes with direct access to the Atlantic Ocean, Lake Okeechobee and the Gulf of Mexico.

Kitching Cove Estates

Waterfront Homes for Sale

Kitching Cove

Kitching Cove Estates is a small waterfront community located in Sandpiper Bay area, which is one of the most sought after communities in Port St Lucie.  Kitching Cove is a fairly large bay leading to St Lucie River with direct access to the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico through Okeechobee Lake.  Kitching Cove offers an unparalleled fishing and boating opportunities and properly known as the Treasure Coast’s fisherman’s paradise.

Homes in Kitching Cove Estates

Homes in Kitching Cove Estates are comprised of only 15 single family estate homes in different layouts and sizes of 5 bedrooms, 5 baths with over 5,000 square feet of living area.  Homes for Sale in the Kitching Cove are constructed on over an acre land offering dockage facilities most with boat lifts included.


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