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Income Producing PropertiesBuying Residential Income Producing Properties

When it comes to buying residential income producing properties, real estate market offers many opportunities that will suit different investors with different needs.  While the demand for such properties is good as long as they have an acceptable rate of Return on Investment (ROI), there is also more demands for these properties with the new wave of renters entering the rental market.  The new renters are generally comprised of the millions of homeowners that had the misfortune of losing their homes through short sales and  foreclosure.  These renters have lost their good credit and do not have the cash to buy  another home.  While many smart developers also survived the economic turmoils of past few yeas by converting their developments to the rental community, the supplies still could not meet the demands.
A licensed Realtor is your best source to find that perfect income producing property that would match your requirements.  To reach that goal, a real estate professional would compile a comprehensive market analysis pertaining  to the location and other specifications of each property that you are interested in.

Real Estate Investment Trust REIT

Many REITs, Real Estate Investment Trust, have also joined the bandwagon and enjoyed levels of returns that have been better than the stock market’s performance in 2010.  Taking advantage of the residential income producing opportunities could be simply through an acquisition of stocks in the REIT specialized on this sector or direct purchase of an income producing property.  In either case, to reduce the risks associated with such investments, the guidance of a professional is strongly recommended.  To succeed with REIT, one should seek assistance only from licensed and reputable firms who are specialized in identifying  the sound REITs.  On the other hand, if you would like to be hands on and acquire your own portfolio, employing an experienced real estate professional is your best bet.  Please note that while a residential Realtor could be a great help if you are purchasing from 1 to 4 units, a commercial Realtor is more knowledgeable in contracts, due diligence and market analysis of 5+ rental units, businesses or other commercial properties.


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