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 Note: While many websites have chosen not to mention anything about possible problems with SOME of the units in certain developments constructed around 2003-2007.  We found it our duty to point out some issues that were raised due to the use of the defected Chinese drywall with some of the resale properties in the past.  If you have not heard about this problem, here is short synopsis: The high demand for construction materials during the real estate boom of the last decade resulted in some importation of Chinese drywall that did not meet the standards of the quality.  

 Unfortunately, after a short period of time, the homeowner who purchased homes that were constructed with the defected Chinese drywall became aware of the issue.  The telltale signs were the presence of some foul odor and in some cases a noticeable erosion of metal plumbing and electric boxes.  A further investigation resulted in the issuance of warning from health agencies on the possible health hazards of the exposure to such environment.  The above map shows the states that have been affected by the problems caused by defective Chinese drywall. 

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