Tips on Securing Condos in Florida for The Summer

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Closing Condominium for SummerTips on Securing Condos in Florida for The Summer

Are you wondering how to close your condo for summer in Florida?  Every year many condo owners cause unintended damages to their or their neighboring units by not knowing how to close and secure a condo in Florida.  Florida is the most popular destinations  to second home buyers as well as many part-time residents from Northern USA and the “Snow Birds” from Canada.  While enjoying the beautiful winter weather in the City of Port St Lucie, Florida is a blessing, there are some steps that are necessary to secure your property before heading back.  The following tips will save you money while preventing leaks or other mishaps while you are away.

  1. Shut Off the main  water valve- many times we have witnessed water leaks in unoccupied condo units causing damages to the unit as well as the other units located adjacent or below them.  Try to locate the main valve to your unit which is normally located by the water heater or outside the unit.  Your building manager is the best source to assist you in locating and shutting off the valve.  When you are back in your condo just run the cold water for few minutes to bring fresh water through the pipes.
  2. Be sure to shut off the water heater.
  3. Adjust the A/C unit- most A/C manufacturers offer instruction on adjusting the temperature and other settings while condo unit is not in use, read them carefully and act accordingly.  The humidity in Florida will damage the units that are not ventilated and increase the chance of growth of molds.  Running your A/C while you are away is very crucial in avoiding the formation of molds.
  4. Adjust the thermostat and humidistat- if can not find the instruction from the manufacturer the rule of thumb is to set the A/C to 80 and humidistat at 60.
  5. Clean or install a new A/C filter- your A/C will run more efficient with a clean filter
  6. A/C drainage- any blockage of the Drain Pan and Drain Hose could cause damages to the units while unoccupied.  Try to locate the Drain Hose and if there is no sign of water dripping chances are that the drip pan is clogged, which may result in the overflow of the drip pan and eventually will damage and collapse the ceiling.
  7. Turn off all circuit breakers- but the circuit breaker for A/C or alarm, if you have one.
  8. Prep kitchen- drain and garbage disposal, pour 1/4 cup of each lemon juice and cooking oil without any running water then run the garbage disposal for few seconds.  This will lubricate the garbage disposal and reduces bacteria in the sink drainage area.
  9. Prep the refrigerator- by turning off the circuit breakers the refrigerator is off as well and you need to empty out the bins, door and shelves of both refrigerator and freezer and you could also put a box of baking soda on the middle shelf  and leave the doors slightly open to get rid of any odors that might stay with the fridge while it is off.
  10. Prep furniture- by leaving dresser drawers, armoire and closet doors and also lift the mattress to its side to ventilate and allow air to circulate through them.
  11. Prep the dishwasher- even though most manufacturers do not mention anything about prepping the dishwashers while is not in use, our experience with leaving the door slightly open and leaving a box of baking soda have been positive in eliminating odors and molds.
  12. Prep the toilet bowls- by adding 1/4 cup of bleach to the bowl then close the door and wrap plastic tightly around the bowl and the door.
  13. Clear all balconies- any items that are not fixed securely could become a projectile during the hurricane and cause damages to properties as well as injury to people.
  14. Notify the building management, of your absence.  They will keep their eyes on any unwanted activities in and around your unit.


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