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Qualifying for a mortgage is one of the many different issues home buyers in Port St Lucie face.  Being educated about the loan options including the rates and terms of the mortgage is always detrimental in obtaining the best loan. The knowledge to understand and check the financing details such as the down payment options or PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance) with different mortgage lenders are some of the most important steps in buying homes.

Buyers should familiarize themselves with terms like amortization, Fixed and Adjustable Rate Mortage (ARM) and compare the rates and monthly payments for 30 years, 20 years and 15 years mortgages and chose the plan that will suit their long term goals. In long run, this could save them hundreds of thousands of dollars during the life of the loan and remember; there’s no substitute for knowledge and preparation.

Do-You-Qualify.jpg Do You Qualify?
Understanding how much of a mortgage you can qualify for…
Compare-Interest-Only-vs-Principal.jpg Compare Interest Only vs. Principal
Calculate the difference between interest only mortgage & principal mortgages
Calculate-Amortized-Payments.jpg Calculate Amortized Payments
Determine the monthly payment amount based on the amount borrowed & more …
Meet-a-Payoff-Goal.jpg Meet a Payoff Goal
How much additional monthly-payment is necessary to pay off your mortgage?
TaxSavings.jpg Tax–Savings
Estimate the savings in taxes that can be realized due to interest & property taxes!
Compare-Consolidation-and-Re-Financing.jpg Compare Consolidation & Re–Financing  
Compare refinancing a single mortgage vs. consolidating a first & second mortgage …
Refinancing-a-Mortgage.jpg Refinancing a Mortgage
See the cost and savings of refinancing at a lower interest, net of closing costs…
Compare-Monthly-vs-Bi-weekly.jpg Compare Monthly vs. Bi–weekly
Save more by making one-half of your mortgage payment every two weeks …
Compare-Mortgage-Rates.jpg Compare Mortgage Rates
See the differences in mortgage payments and interest costs at different rates …
Compare-Term-of-Your-Mortgage.jpg Compare Term of Your Mortgage  
This calculator will compare monthly payments of different mortgage terms …


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