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Sell Your Home for Highest PriceSelling Home for Best Price

No matter if we are in a sellers or buyers market, selling or buying a home for the best price has always been one of the main objectives for the homeowners and real estate professionals alike.  With the sellers desiring the highest price and buyers wanting to pay the lowest. the final decision comes down to the appraiser report compiled by a licensed, professional appraiser for a fee.  It is also the duty of the Realtors® for both sides to negotiate an amicable solution for any discrepancy between the list price and appraised value. 

Near a decade ago I made a decision to add an Appraisal License to my repertoire as a Realtor.  The main reason for taking the time and studying for yet another license was not adding another framed certificate to the walls of the office but to have an edge on discussing the right price with the appraisers as their colleague and also negotiating contracts, which were facing appraisal issues.  I wanted to know what an appraiser sees besides the rooms, the walls and the pool and why a property that the buyer and seller  have agreed on a value is appraised at a lower price, sometimes by thousands of dollars.

This venture in finding the best market value for a property, employing the methods used by the appraisals, proved to be beneficial in many ways and opened my eyes to different opportunities as well as the mistakes by homeowners.  One major mistake most homeowners make is either not improving the home’s general appeal or doing the opposite by over-improving.  A carpeted basement with great lights and a new bathroom would not add to the total footage of the house to return your investment but a beautiful curb appeal and well-kept interior will entice the appraiser to apply a higher value allowed by their standards to that house.  At the same time, while the signs of a leaky roof will result in a lower appraisal, a new roof will not add to the value because a house should have a good roof and having one does not constitute an improvement.

Before making any major improvements that you think will result in a higher sales price of your property first find out if you will even get your investment back let alone to benefit from it.  When selling a home the cost of an appraisal is so minimal that any homeowner could and should order one and use that appraisal enter the negotiation with the buyers, agents, lending institutions and even other appraisers.  Are you are planning to do improvements on your home to sell for better price but not sure if remodeling or repairs are beneficial?  Please contact us for a free consultation on all aspects related to the sale of your home including the best way to spruce up your home to get the best return possible,


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